Our projects are staffed with the right people doing the right things right.  We are a Certified Johnson Controls Integrator and a Argus Controls Service Provider & Re-seller.  We design, engineer, and install all of our projects with our own engineers, programmers and licensed electricians.

  • Office Campuses
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Safety Complexes
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cultivation Facilities
  • DPW Facilities
  • Water and Waste Water Facilities


As a Certified Johnson Controls Integrator, we provide an open source, non-proprietary control system that has robust features, with a simple intuitive interface.  By simplifying and optimizing the control system, we enable more control and better automation so the building can operate more efficiently and sustainably, while improving comfort and safety.

Our Services Include:

  • Design Build
  • Value Engineering Services
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Monitoring and data analytics

Cultivation Facilities

The ideal approach to designing the optimal cultivation facility that will maximize yield for the lowest cost is to start with the control system.  Starting here will give you the road map on selecting the correct equipment needed to support the grow environment, then you have the footprint to build your building.

Our approach to cultivation Facilities is the control system should be designed, engineered and installed as one complete system.  The fertigation, co2 and lighting controls provide the nutrients for the plants to grow, HVAC controls provide the environment for the plants to grow.  These four systems need to be integrated into one complete system for maximum performance.


Argus provides a complete hardware and software solution for your monitoring and equipment automation needs. Our meticulously designed hardware is an essential component for handling the wide range of applications that the Argus system is capable of. It is exceptionally serviceable, scalable, and flexible.

As part of our service, we select and preconfigure all of the control components required to meet your specifications. You only need to supply us with information about the equipment you need to control and the processes you need to manage. We do the rest. You do not need to ‘build your own system’ or specify individual control components – we ensure you are supplied with a complete end-to-end control system tailored to your facility. In cases where a range of options may be available, we’ll provide you with clear descriptions of the alternatives so you can select the one that best meets your requirements.


Once construction is complete the real work begins.  We offer support services once your facility transitions into occupancy.  Whether you are an office building, municipal, or cultivation facility, once your building becomes occupied the environment will need to be fine tuned.  We offer a wide range of services, from remote support, to bi-annual on-site visits to fine tune and calibrate your system to keep it running at maximum performance.

Our Building Management System is built with the end-user in mind.  Our design includes a front end graphical interface that gives your staff a clear visual of what your system is doing.

Click below for a demonstration on how our front end system works.

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