Our Approach

To ensure optimal results, we get involved very early in the design phase of a project. Integrating the best technologies from different manufacturers, we build control systems that provide optimal performance for your specific facility.

The TC Control Group Difference

  1. Design When designing with the end in mind, our team ensures that the right system is doing what it does best. With a fully integrated system, facility operators in any industry can manage operations through one sheet of glass.
  2. Build We have decades of construction experience, managing each project as if we are the owner’s representative. We provide full construction schedules to the general contractors and then closely monitor progress to an on-time completion.
  3. Optimize Critical environments need extra attention during the startup and transition phases. When construction is complete, our engineering and technical teams are on stand-by monitoring your facility as it comes online, fine tuning the logic, and performing other activities to ensure performance and efficiency.
  4. Support After construction, our service team is on call 24/7 to provide guidance and support, ensuring your critical environment is performing as designed.

Why the traditional approach to controls is ineffective.

With a typical construction project, controls design and implementation is often an afterthought. This can be especially problematic for agricultural facilities, leading to a host of problems that can delay project completion, increase anxiety, and added costs:

  • Inadequate controls Inadequate controls Controls are unable to execute their function
  • Decreased efficiency Decreased efficiency Controls can’t deliver the specified environmental conditions
  • Redesign Redesign Costly changes to bring controls up to the performance level required
  • Retrofitting Retrofitting Last-minute controls modifications to accommodate build changes
  • Performance Performance Ultimately, the controls implemented does not meet customer’s needs

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