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Our team is highly skilled in design, engineering and installation of complex control systems.  Our approach to grow facilities is to design and engineer one complete control system that includes Fertigation, Co2, HVAC, and Lighting that integrates into one building automation system.  As an Argus Controls Service Provider & Re-seller, we offer a unique approach by designing, engineering and installing all four controls systems as one.  Our customers benefit from having a better design, which reduces the cost of installation and commissioning.

Providing the right environment is crucial to a successful grow cycle.  We understand the grow process and as conditions change, your environment needs to change as well.  We are a Johnson Controls Integrator and perform all work  in-house from design to commissioning with our own engineers, programmers and electricians.


Argus provides a complete hardware and software solution for your monitoring and equipment automation needs. Our meticulously designed hardware is an essential component for handling the wide range of applications that the Argus system is capable of. It is exceptionally serviceable, scalable, and flexible.

As part of our service, we select and preconfigure all of the control components required to meet your specifications. You only need to supply us with information about the equipment you need to control and the processes you need to manage. We do the rest. You do not need to ‘build your own system’ or specify individual control components – we ensure you are supplied with a complete end-to-end control system tailored to your facility. In cases where a range of options may be available, we’ll provide you with clear descriptions of the alternatives so you can select the one that best meets your requirements.

Once construction is complete the real work begins.  We offer support services once your facility transitions into production.  As plants come online, your buildings environment begins to change rapidly.  HVAC equipment may not react as quickly as possible during this transition phase because optimal loads have not been achieved.  Our team of experts will monitor your environment through the building automation platform and will fine tune the system and may even provide false loads to get the equipment to respond as designed.  As your facility moves into full production our team will monitor and fine tune your system so that it provides the ideal environment for maximum crop yield.

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