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Automated Fertigation Skids

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How they work and the benefits that you can expect

In this blog we will take a look at fertigation skids, how they work and the benefits that you can expect. We will use the Argus RM fertigation skid as an example, TC Controls has years of experience representing, installing and servicing these reliable units.

Simply put, an automated fertigation skid allows a grower to feed crops exact nutrients with precise timing. A fertigation skid is almost always paired with a larger automation system, like TITAN, that controls lighting, HVAC and other aspects of your grow.

Let’s take a look at how a fertigation skid works. You begin by selecting your desired feed that will be stored within your on-site stock tanks. Your feed could be salts, concentrates or teas (avoid thick or chunky feed receipts as they can clog irrigation systems). The stock tanks are connected via hose lines to the automated fertigation skid. A base, acid and fresh water lines are also brought to the automated fertigation skid. The system uses simple venturi injectors to draw the ingrediencies into the mixing line to achieve a desired fertilizer concentration or ‘recipe’. Once all of your recipes are configured you specify them by a name of your choice. You can save up to 64 different recipes. EC and pH targets for each recipe are also tracked to ensure accuracy and provide a basis for automatic feed strength correction, alarm monitoring, and quality assurance. Take a look at this drawing for a visual depiction.

By implementing an automated fertigation skid you will have the power of being exact and consistent with more time to spend on other aspects of your grow. The ability to recreate your best recipes, time and time again, will become a reality. You will no longer have to worry about who, when or even if your crops were fed. You will even have the ability to save money by being more exact with your water and nutrients usage as well as a decreased manpower. Implementing an automated fertigation skid will empower you and your crops to produce the best.

Do you have questions or want greater detail? Reach out to TC Controls, we are happy to talk with you.