Over 10,000 humans are born every day in the USA, climates are changing, war is occurring, and COVID still exist; this means our food supply is becoming a major issue and it’s not going to resolve itself!

This begs the question; how can we develop a sustainable, reliable, healthy food supply and ultimately reduce our dependency on other countries like China and Russia?

While the global answer to this question is saturated with nasty politics, fertilizer, and greed – we won’t dive into that mess. Instead, we offer a simple, grow your food locally. A local solution can help you to create a sustainable, reliable, healthy food supply. When many of us think farms, we picture fields, tractors and maybe even a barn cat, but none of those are an absolute requirement anymore. Thanks to monumental advancements in technology and construction we can create farms in any location and can simulate any environment! Instead of the fields of central USA, we now utilize:                                                 -old facilities by converting them into giant indoor farms                                                                                                                 -we build greenhouses on roofs                                                                                                                                                     -We have even now begun to build sub-terrain farms.

So, how are we able to do this? isn’t mother nature the only true way to grow our food?

No, here is why:                                                                                                                                                                      Building automation systems like Argus Controls can integrate and control HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems to create the perfect environment for any plant. This means every day can be sunny, with just the right amount of water and pests are kept away. You can be in control of your harvest, you won’t have to worry about delayed delivers or overpriced fruits, veggies, and medicine! The control, is literally, is in your hands. Plus, many states and towns are offering rebates and various types of support to build local farms.

The investment in creating your own local food source allows for you to develop a secure food chain that helps to reduce over dependence on foreign nations and isolate you and your area from the 10% YOY price increase we see on some foods. The world is not going to get any bigger, it’s time we utilize the technology available to us and stabilize our food supplies.

If you found this blog interesting and have questions about creating your own controlled environment farm, contact TC Controls. This is what we do.

P.S. Don’t forget to support your local farmer!!