There is a saying “nature knows best”, supporting the idea that outdoor farming is the only true way to produce natural, unaltered crops. While there is some truth to this, many would argue that indoor farming can produce greater yields, in a shorter amount of time. Regardless of which method you prefer this article will provide you with the facts surrounding each growing environment. Who knows, maybe you will even change your mind!

First let’s look at the advantages of outdoors and indoors:

Outdoor advantages

  • Allows for unrestricted plant size; plants can grow to their full potential.
  • Many of the basic growing necessities are free, i.e., soil, water, and nutrition.
  • Plants release oxygen into the atmosphere and absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Plants support local ecosystems, like bees and soil health.

Indoor advantages

  • Completely controlled environment.
  • Fruits and Flowers can be harvested in a shorter amount of time.
  • Year long growing and multiple harvests.
  • More nutritious fruits and healthier flowers.
  • Less risk of insect infestation.

Now let’s look at the disadvantages of outdoors and indoors:

Outdoor disadvantages

  • No ability to control the environment.
  • Plants are exposed to wildlife, bugs, mites, and grubs.
  • Plants are treated with chemicals that can harm environment/water table.
  • Outdoor farms take up a great deal of space and do.
  • Greater water used and soil health will deteriorate.

Indoor disadvantages

  • Requires costly engineering and construction.
  • Limited number of crops that can be grown economically
  • Expensive staff that know how to operate more advanced equipment.

Overall, it is obvious that indoor farming is a more efficient, predictable form of farming. The past decade has provided us with huge advancements in low energy lighting, smart automation systems and water recycling systems.It is true that indoor farming may require higher up-front costs but the ability to generate predictable revenue while growing in a more environmentally friendly manner is well worth the cost.

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