When we hear the word critical, it evokes terms like Important, vital, and serious. In the world of building automation systems (BAS) critical space translates to the control of hospitals, lab spaces, clean rooms and other sterile or life supporting spaces. There are advanced skills and requirements needed to work in these spaces. It is imperative that as facility manager you know the right questions to ask your BMS contracts before project award.

First, like most partnerships we form, its best if they come with a recommendation. A recommendation from another critical facility or trusted partner will provide you with validation. If you do not have a trusted source, then you must be either bound to the factory or stuck searching for a new BAS contractor. If you are looking for a new BMS contactor, consider asking the several important questions below.

– How does your company handle communication?

              -Look out for red flags like the tech being your only contact. You always want the option of backup contacts.

– How many other facilities have you working in like mine?

-Its best to avoid those with little to critical experience.

– What is your companies safety procedure/standards

-Every facility service company should have this.

Ultimately, a BMS contractor that truly knows the critical space understands that down time is always the last option… if it’s even an option. Critical research, support or production cannot stop! Cleanliness, being timely, and perfect communication skills are a must. A devoted, experienced company will have the work done efficiently and correctly, the first time.

TC Controls has years of experience in critical spaces. Thoroughly understanding and even creating a new level of standard for BMS contacts to follow. If you have any questions about how TC Controls can help support your BMS, reach out to us today.