First, thank you for being a customer! You know the value of our control systems and the great people behind them. Argus and TC Controls works hard to create the most capable, user friendly automation systems. This is where the latest Titan system comes into play. The Argus Titan system encompasses recent advancements in automation technology, security, serviceability, and usability. If you are still operating an Argus Classic system, it is certainly time to upgrade.

The Argus Classic system was released over a decade ago and served thousands of satisfied customers around the world. With its pixelated interface and bulky sensors, the classic system is known as a simple but robust offering. While many are still in operating order, the systems parts are no longer produced. You may be operating fine today, but what if you encounter a system failure? you will find yourself (and crop) in a bad situation. Even though Argus has been doing their best to notify and educate on the Classic to Titian upgrade, many customers refuse to upgrade due to costs. This leads us to an important question: would you rather have time to plan your shutdown or would you rather “upgrade” in a panic when your system suffers a failure? Reactive measures are always more expensive.

For your reference, here are just some of the benefits when you upgrade to Titan.

Argus TITAN System

–          Easier to use interface

–          Smaller sensors with greater accuracy

–          Increased customization

–          More efficient operating system

–          Greater serviceability from a distance

–          Parts easily available (TC Controls stock)

–          Increased security

–          Easier to expand upon

–          Far more compatible with 3rd parties


If you would like to investigate upgrading your Classic Argus system, reach out to TC Controls, we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.