You are reading this because you are doing your due diligence, because you know there are options when it comes to plant centric automation. Knowing the key differences between cloud-based systems and server-based systems will empower you to make the right decision, for your plants and your wallet! Let’s dive into the general overview on how your grow data is controlled.

A server based automation system keeps your critical data such as, set points, trends, recipes all in-house, secure in your control, without need for a third party.  Most notable, it does not rely on the Internet! This means that you and your crops are not affected by loss of Internet or internal network outages. In fact, you will still have access to your data and control while “the grid” is down, meaning your plants will not suffer. Data can be synced every few seconds minutes or hours. While servers may require more capital, the risk mitigation offered is the cheapest insurance you can get.

A Cloud based automation system keeps your critical data off-site with the help of a third party service. Your data exists within the cloud, with the opportunity to easily change the size of your storage amount, anytime. Data can be synced every few seconds minutes or hours. The benefit to cloud based systems is your data is secure offsite and IT infrastructure costs are typically reduced.

A serious note about cloud based systems: if your grow operation loses internet; you lose all access to your information, your plants will be without set points, trends, recipes, lights and more.

How much is your crop worth?

Options are good to have; you have several when it comes to grow control systems. TC Controls encourages you to read more about the globally recognized, server based, Argus Control Systems, then research the several new to market competitors that utilize the cloud. Its your crop, its your money; our intent is to show you the most secure option.

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