The Standard Difference:

Over 20 years ago, a controls electrician by the name Warren Castonguay was working at an inner-city jobsite. The site was teaming with activity, trades were working side-by-side. Each worker was striving to meet a deadline, a deadline that apparently meant “everything” when it came to the project manager’s perspective. With this pressure weighing on each worker, Warren noticed how workers were making sacrifices on material, design, and inspections to meet these important deadlines. The quality of work suffered. It was at his job that Warren knew that something had to change.

Knowing that the outcome of the control’s installation would ultimately come back to Warren if not done correctly, Warren decided to create an operational improvement that would ensure successful, consistent outcomes. This improvement would help the entire team, no matter the external stressors or the employees job site knowledge. This improvement was the “work standard manual”. It provided Warren and his team with a uniformed guide to follow when installing, commissioning, or servicing equipment. The manual also provided standardized material types and wire color identification. For example, when working with a 4-conductor system each member of Warrens team knew that white and green wire mean signal/analog input. This identification format will never vary and is known throughout the team; it’s a written standard in the manual. The manual can answer most questions through the team, removing confusion and chance for error.

This standards booklet empowered higher quality work performed in a safer, shorter amount of time.

Today, years after Warren decided to make that change, Warren is still handing the work standards manual out to all new employees. Fortunately for all of us, Warren is now the Director of Field Operations at TC Controls. Warren’s dedication to the profession and the talented team of electricians he works with provides TC Controls the confidence to say, “Work done right the first time, every time”. We create a predictable outcome.

If you have any questions about this standardization guide or would like to contract TC Controls for your next controls project, contact the Warren Castonguay at 508-832-5900.