Every building owner and manager is living through the same struggle during the pandemic; how can we create a safer and cleaner environment within our facilities? There are hundreds of suggestions out there from industrial strength sanitizers to advanced air stream filtration; but one option has been illuminated by many for its germ-killing abilities: UltraViolet-C vigermicidal irradiation, or simply put, UV lighting that’s within the “C spectrum”. This is import to you as UV lighting will provide a cleaner environment for you and the inhabitants of your facility. The thought of mold and bacteria multiplying and being circulated through a facility is troubling to anyone. It can be a serious threat to all, especially those with compromised immune systems or existing respiratory conditions. With this in mind, let us dive into what makes UV an effective option for helping to create a cleaner environment for your facility.

First, a UV-C system can be installed into duct, air handling units or can even be standalone within a room – giving you options and flexibility. The placement depends on your facility type and the physical space to fit the UV-C system. It is worth bringing in a lighting professional to design it.

Another important aspect– your UV-C system should be tied into your building automation system (BAS). The building automation system can track usage, alarm for any faults, and provide remote control for the UV-C system. Because its apart of an automated network, you essentially set it and forget it, until it is time to replace a bulb. And the good news is, bulbs are long-lasting (12-15 months) and don’t require any special disposal!

The big question here is, will UV-C kill Coronavirus (COVID-19)? It’s still up for debate as studies are ongoing, but many sources say yes. It is worth noting that UV-C lighting is proven to kill Influenza, SARS, H1N1 and even tuberculosis. It is easy to see why countless facility teams and Engineers have incorporated UV-C lighting into their designs. While UV-C has its obvious advantages, it is critical that UV-C light is used in conjunction with HEPA filtration and continuous surface cleaning.

Installing UV-C lighting that is integrated with your building automation system will ensure that you are taking a huge step in creating a safer, cleaner environment with little effort! It’s a win-win. While there is still limited information on how to truly eradicate all common germs, we should be utilizing the best information that we have at this time. UV-C lighting is a proven method to reduce or disarm many airborne germs, possibly even Coronavirus (COVID-19). If you have any questions or would like to integrate your UV-C system into your existing BAS, give TC Controls a call at 508-832-5900.