What is every grower’s goal? To produce an abundance of beautiful, healthy crops that can be replicated, time and time again! While the goal is easy to understand, the steps to reach consistent success have not been as easy to achieve. Growers are often stuck with only a traditional building automation system (BAS) when they should also be equipped with a plant centric automation system like ARGUS. The difference between a plant and building automation system is great! These differences will provide you the key advantage to consistently replicate your best crops. Now, let us understand why.

Unlike your typical BAS that is designed to keep human occupants in their ideal environment, ARGUS has one focus, keep your plants in their ideal environment. By monitoring the environment at canopy level, ARGUS provides the most critical factors such as Co2, pH, relative humidity (RH), electrical connectivity (EC) and vapor pressure deficit (VPD). It will also directly control the environment and critical points like HVAC, Co2 dosing, lighting, irrigation, and fertigation. ARGUS offers a far greater control thanks to 40 years of controlling grow spaces, strategically placed aspirated sensors and software design. With this level of information within your grow facility it allows you to fine tune your recipes, store the data, and just push “play” when you want to replicate that crowd-pleasing strain. Additionally, unlike a traditional BMS, your plants will never suffer from a loss of internet connection. ARGUS stores over 60 different recipes and will maintain set point without a damaging interruption.

While there is no questioning a traditional BAS capabilities and criticality when it comes to keeping people comfortable; it simply was not designed with plants in mind. If you take growing seriously and desire consistent, large, healthy yields, then consider learning more about ARGUS from TC Controls.

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